General information

Real estate type: House
Island: Lošinj
Place: Artatore
Size: House 204,84 m² + garden 516 m²
Ownership: Clean ownership
Year built: 1973 and 2003

Price: 450.000 €

Additional info
  • House built in 1973 (basement and ground floor) and 2003 (first floor and enlargement)
  • Quiet location
  • Two parcels for sale - house - cadastral size of 133 m² and yard - total area of 516 m²
  • Vehicular access - 5 parking spaces
  • Connections to the power grid, water supply network
  • Sewerage is a septic tank

Real estate description
  • Detached house consisting of basement, ground floor and first floor
  • In the basement there is auxiliary apartment
  • The ground floor has 2 apartments with a terrace
  • On the ground floor there is a large apartment overlooking the sea
  • Central heating with heating oil the ground floor and on the first floor

Distance from sea: 140 m.

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