Real estate energy certificates

Real estate energy certificates

Who is obliged to carry out energy audits?

Pursuant to Act on Efficient Energy Use in Direct Consumption, the following entities are energy management obligees as well as energy audit obligees:

  • public buildings whose net usable area is over 500 m2, and as of July 9, 2015, whose net usable area is over 250 m2
  • existing buildings or their parts forming independent usable units and being under an obligation of buildings energy certification
  • buildings used by large consumers for their business
  • public lighting (including public lighting on the roads outside populated areas)

Provision of energy certification

During the sale, every building, apartment or commercial area in a building larger than 50 m2 is obliged to have energy certification. The certification can be issued for an apartment separately, however, if a building as a whole is at stake, the price for each apartment is 5 to 10 times lower and there is a possibility to obtain a non-refundable subvention.

Along with cheaper prices, you will get a real insight into the condition the building is in, the possibilities to save energy and refund the investment. The objective of energy certification is to accomplish all of the above-mentioned, not to make real estate owners spend their money.

Energootok Ltd. is authorized for carrying out energy audits and providing buildings energy certification by the Ministry as well as for issuing energy certifications for all buildings.

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